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ERP: The Key to a more efficient Chinese business environment

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ERP - What Nexian can do for you

NEXIAN guides your organization while defining its needs, and to choose the right software to accomplish an ERP environment, within a company’s branch or a whole multinational. We then act as project managers to make sure vendors’ promises are properly delivered.

An ERP structure requires designing and structuring of new methodologies that flow between departments, offices and factories. It permits all teams to perform their daily tasks while following the same processes. The aim is to save time and to limit the amount of unnecessary steps, which, in turn creates efficiency.

When companies grow or face intense competition, implementing an ERP environment structures creates a more efficient work structure. As any major occurrence, growth creates friction and resources’ wastes. The ERP is to optimize resources by automating most tasks and by reducing human made errors or omissions. As nearly all business functions are to be managed by one single system, errors will be limited as validation mechanisms are to be deployed. Managers can make sure that nothing is sent to clients or providers before it meets excellence. The ERP software shall also offer tools to speed up decision-making. Most of all, information can be shared between teams when deemed necessary. Discrepancies between documents are to be alleviated. The company that is deploying the solution is then ready for its future growth and to face competition with the right methodology.


The steps

-    NEXIAN, through departments and team meetings, analyses your company’s actual work environment and drafts documents that detail current processes and functionalities.

-    Our consultants then analyze the state of the art of functions and methods. They then can help you forecast what ERP modules are more vital than others, with your newly processes in mind. NEXIAN also guides you when forecasting what functions your organization shall need in the next 2 years. Since changing of ERP demands major resources, choosing the most adequate one from the get go reduces the chance of ERP deployment failure.

-    If your organization has not yet chosen the ERP software, NEXIAN is to draft an RFP (Request For Proposal). This document facilitates ERP software providers’ comprehension of your need. The software providers can, with this document, answer in detail if their software solution can offer an answer to your needs and expectations.

-    During ERP deployment, NEXIAN makes sure all the processes and customizations are made with your requirements and demands in mind.

-    If your company’s structure requires developments in addition to customization, NEXIAN can create protocols, so codes are well detailed and follow a proven methodology.

-    During the ERP acceptance phase, teams are guided while they test the solution. Cosmetic changes and methodologies might be improved to make sure the result is as close to your company’s needs as possible.

-    Training is the corner stone of a successful ERP deployment. During every phase people need to be educated and trained. NEXIAN customizes all educational supports specifically for your structure. We provide onsite training sessions as well as on demand audio and video contents.

Your organization will then be ready for its future.





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Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

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